SEO-Suite has been designed and constructed to be easy from when your first get here to installing it on your site. However there's always things to go wrong which is the case of many products. So to get started with us helping you please first refer to documentation which may have the answer to your question which you can browse for below or then get in contact us.


Documentation is produced for some of the products which are considerably different to modules that you've used before. If you're having problems with installing or uninstalling plugins, modules and components then refer to our basic Joomla Manual.

This documentation refers to general installing and uninstalling and some other general information you may want to read over.

Joomla Extension Basics

This documenation includes information on installing, uninstalling and configuring the basic options within a Joomla Extension including modules and plugins.

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These are extension specific documentation pieces. Please select which extension you're looking for in the dropdown list below. This will navigate you away from this page.

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If the documentation hasn't worked then we'll be happy to give you a hand through email support which you can kickstart using the form below. Please be as detailed as possible. The more detailed you the easier it is for us to help you.

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